"Control of the Senate may hinge on Georgia's two runoff races in January [5th]" - Claudia Grisales, NPR

Places To Volunteer

We don't recommend donating directly to Fair Fight or the candidates' campaigns. Not because we don't greatly appreciate Abrams's, Ossoff's, or Warnock's hard work. But because the turnout in Georgia was mostly due to the hard work of grassroots organizers almost all led by Black women in Georgia. Most of whose organizations are listed on this site.


Why were these organizations chosen to be featured in particular?
This graph from CIRCLE shows how important and monumental the Black vote, and more specifically, the Black youth vote was for the presidential election. The organizations we have listed could help energize the group once again.

Can I link this on my social media?
Duh. That's why we made it!

Who are you?
2 POC who give a shit and are doing their best.

Can I make a carrd site inspired by this one?
Yup. We were very much inspired by the now famous BLM carrd site ourselves. And the creator has also said they do not claim this format.

Can I tip you for making this resource?
That is so sweet! We're okay! Please use the money for the Georgia election or for a cause aligned with the BLM movement.